An icon in which power, strength, and toughness come together: the Land Rover Series III. An alltime classic based on simplicity and with the willingness to work for you and bite the dust. This no-nonsense classic is about the essence of driving a car.

The Land Rover has been built since 1948. The production started in England, but soon Land Rovers were built under license in Australia, Spain, Belgium and Germany. The brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks started a factory in England and used the American Willys Jeep as an example for the design of their first Land Rover. This Series I originally had the steering wheel in the middle and was much as workhorse and used on the farm. Countless uses for the Land Rover came up and the car is therefore rightfully a multi purpose vehicle. As a classic car this car is still used for off-road riding, but there are also those who just use their Landy to keep in top condition and as a collectors item to take care of.