Innovative, reliable and chic are key words when it comes to the Volvo Amazon. The car designed by Jan Wilsgaard and put into production in 1956, has a large number of enthusiastic fans. This classic car was bought by for example lawyers, teachers and business people. The space that the car offers in combination with comfort and safety makes the car unique for his time.

Still it is a car that even as a classic car is suitable for daily use.

The Amazon is equipped from 1961 with a reliable B18 petrol engine which is very easy to maintain. At the same time the 12 volt system was applied. In addition to the four-door version is there and two-doors and a combi. In the later models disc brakes are applied and the Amazon is one of the first cars equipped with seat belts. Because of the simplicity of technique it is a sought after classic car that with some technical knowledge can be maintained by yourself.